Sunday Dance *Trust* With Ivan Daniel Espinosa! :)

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Sunday Dance *Trust* With Ivan Daniel Espinosa! :)
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Sunday Dance *Trust* With Ivan Daniel Espinosa! :) says
Houstons Free-fom Ecstatic Dance Community! Play. Sweat. Pray. Details:

Message from Ivan:
Lately my life has been full of unexpected hurdles and challenges. I guess it’s life’s way of reminding me that I'm still shake me out of my comfort zone, to force me to evolve a little see how far I can stretch. The challenges of life vary greatly. From a bad hair day, to stopping just short of a disaster. But no matter how unpleasant these challenges may be, they are a way for us to learn something new about ourselves. To grow and evolve and reach new heights. These challenges are an opportunity for us to tap into the power of TRUST....can I TRUST myself more? Can I TRUST my body? Can I TRUST my intuition? Can I TRUST in my intelligence? Can I TRUST in my talents and skills? Can I TRUST in my resilience? Can I TRUST in my amazing ability to persevere??

The dance reminds me of this too...Every time I dance, I encourage myself and often receive support to step outside my comfort zones and habitual patterns to undertake an inner+outer journey through the power of movement. I TRUST that the music and movement will serve as catalysts for personal change. I TRUST that my Sunday morning dance community will support me in this journey. I TRUST that these dance journeys help me open up and make new discoveries full of blossoming insights that impact my life.

So my invitation to you is to use this dance to tap into the power of TRUST. Use this dance to listen more deeply to your body and your innermost being and TRUST what it's telling you. Use this dance as an opportunity to practice listening to the wisdom that is in your body and how you can TRUST that wisdom and live that wisdom more, that precious wisdom that is in your that all that you discover and learn when you dance you can know in your life.

Warm Regards,
Ivan Daniel Espinosa

REMEMBER: Dream Dance is this Friday night at Planet Funk! 3/18/16
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