Sunday Dance Vitality With Andy Karavitis

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Sunday Dance Vitality With Andy Karavitis
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Sunday Dance Vitality With Andy Karavitis says
Houstons Free-form Ecstatic Dance Community! Play. Sweat. Pray. More Details:
This dance is a celebration of life. I was reading about the incursion of seals, so many seals were using the docks in this little town in Oregon, the humans and the Goonies in the town could not access the docks for their intended purpose. And I was thinking about how wonderful it is that life (in this case seals) just pops out of the ocean and keeps coming back. Funny, how it is wonderful and amusing from a distance, but that is not always how I feel when life is popping up in the form of mildew in a shower, weeds in my garden, or pond scum in a clogged pipe at my day job. Still, I want to celebrate VITALITY, that amazing characteristic of living things that usually seem to grow and develop and recover and bounce for joy some times for a while.
So the little town in Oregon, they found a way out of their problem with the seals. They bought a machine called an Air Dancer, I am sure you have seen these things, with a fan underneath and a tubular shaped plastic hominid that waves arms and head wildly half the time, then slumping over and folding again. The seals see it, they move away, nobody gets hurt, it is a great (temporary) solution. That is a simple dancing machine, which is commonly used for advertising, and it is effective because its movements LOOK LIKE it is alive. How much better is it then for us, to actually BE ALIVE! You are not a robot or a dancing machine, dear reader. You are actually you, and this is your real life, and YOU are the only one of YOU that we have in this universe. That makes you special, and we love you!
So I invite and implore you to DANCE and FEEL ALIVE with us at this celebration of VITALITY. This is a freestyle dance, and only you can bring whatever moves come from your own body and imagination. We are co-creating a safe space for nonverbal expression, and that is why it is so easy to drop in at any level of ability or experience. My method to get into the mental space for this dance is to just relax, turn off the flow of thoughts, and let the body react with the music and the other dancers. The ecstatic traditions of the centuries demonstrate humanity's reverent enjoyment of the hypnotic effect of the beats. We like to get excited and jump and shout some times, and we like to lay still on the floor maybe a little bit at times also. And every permutation and variation is welcome, together and between.
I guess in real life, some times we are up, and some times we are flopped over sideways like a Air Dancer, but we intend to enjoy the gyrations as we ride the ebb and flow of the sounds, the rhythms, and the music that creates a path for our journey.
- Andy
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