The Lolita Fashion Wedding Of Ann & Christian At Anime Matsuri 2015

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The Lolita Fashion Wedding Of Ann & Christian At Anime Matsuri 2015
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The Lolita Fashion Wedding Of Ann & Christian At Anime Matsuri 2015 says
You are cordially invited to attend Anime Matsuri's first ever, Lolita Fashion Wedding for Ann Nguyen and Christian Phan <3
Look forward to a real union, with a star-studded wedding party, and much love in the air!

Place: Panel Room 1 (3rd Level of George R. Brown)
Time: 12pm-1pm

From Ann and Christian...

About three years ago around 2011, mutual friends introduced us through Facebook. “I used to accept that whomever I’m with would probably not have the same interests as I was into, and was okay with that. But, I couldn’t have been more wrong!” writes Christian Phan. “What initially attracted me to Ann was our passionate interest in anime, music, and J-fashion and our deep respect towards Japanese culture. Nowadays she is truly my best friend, and because we share the love of something that is huge part of my life, I have never been any happier!”

We both attended anime conventions across the United States, but Anime Matsuri was our first convention together. Not only did we experience the events and panels all for the first time, but we also were drawn to the specific Japanese Lolita brand at the convention’s J-fashion show. As of now, Ann has supported Lolita fashion for eight years and became even more excited when Matsuri released open model applications for one of the Lolita brands she admired for so long. Not only did she sign up to be one of the models, there was a surprise waiting for me as well.

One day, I received an e-mail that read: “Congratulations, you’ve been selected to be a model for the 2012 fashion show!” I was very confused and decided to call her, “I think Anime Matsuri sent me your email by accident.” She immediately burst into laughter, confessing that she signed me up and hadn’t thought I would get picked! I did not know what I was getting into and felt very hesitant at first, but still chose to do the fashion show because of how obvious all this meant to her. It was after that moment that it became clear how I wanted to make Ann happy for the rest of my life. Throughout our time together, we both act supportive while still challenging the other in wanting to become a better person.

We plan to marry at Anime Matsuri in 2015 to celebrate the event that initially brought us together, but also to appreciate the impact this convention had on shaping our futures. We hope everybody can join us on this special day, for it is a day that celebrates our wonderful journey together. We hope others get to experience the same journey one day: where you can still be yourself without having to give up your passions to receive another’s love; but instead, to find lifelong partner that is willing to explore those passions with you.
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