Waterballoons Part 6: The Big Balloonski

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Waterballoons Part 6: The Big Balloonski
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Waterballoons Part 6: The Big Balloonski says
Well, you already know but here is the story again. Last summer I decided it was too hot outside but I still wanted to have fun. So I loaded up a bunch of water balloons and went to the park. Some friends joined me and we had a good laugh.
I was told do host it again, so I did, and more people came. I decided to do it ever other week for the rest of summer it grew and grew. I met new people and eventually we had 2000 balloons and 200 people having a water balloon battle in the park.

Come join us again!! I will bring 1000 balloons myself. I'm stepping up my game and bringing a water slide.
This event is better with maximum participation!!!! BRING YOU OWN BALLOONS!!! The more we have the better this actually was. Your choice if you bring beer and PLEASE help CLEAN UP AFTER!
The Ervan Park like the Meni is my backyard and it is beautiful. Let's keep it that way. It never takes long to clean when everyone helps.
It's a new location but it has better parking a great water fountain. There is a grass area where I plan to have the water balloons fly.
4pm Ervan Chew park on Dunlavy st Houston
Meet at 4pm the BALLOONS WILL FLY AT 5:00pm
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