World Naked Bike Ride H Town 2016: Bike Plan 9 From Space City

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World Naked Bike Ride H Town 2016: Bike Plan 9 From Space City
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World Naked Bike Ride H Town 2016: Bike Plan 9 From Space City says
OMG, H-Town Peeps. The City of Houston has decided that #BikeLivesMatter! Together with Bike Houston and other groups, the City is putting finishing touches on its first municipal Bike Plan since 1992, with great and necessary improvements.

When it's implemented, over the next 20 years or so, this Plan will provide more than 1,000 miles of high-comfort bike lanes and trails that actually interconnect. It has a goal of reducing fatal auto-bike collisions to ZERO.

Biketivism FTW!

We can certainly celebrate this step now. But there are still plenty of reasons to continue World Naked Bike Ride in H-Town:

** We must make motorists and cyclists aware that bicycles are vehicles, and that cyclists have a right to ride on the streets.

** We must work with the City to find a way to enforce its own 3-foot passing law (6 feet for pedestrians).

** We must still convince our neighbors to get out of their cars and use alternative transportation, for the sake of life on our only planet, in the face of accelerating climate change.

** We must ride naked (or bare as you dare) because it's too damn hot to wear clothes in this city, and global climate change is making it hotter.

TIME: The ride itself begins at 9 pm. Come early to get decorated.

GETTING THERE: If possible, get to and from the event by some combination of cycling and public transit.

NOT A RIDER? You do not need to ride a bike to participate! Come on by before the ride to help decorate bikes & riders, or just hang out. You can also take photos of the ride, or set up an official photo booth at SHFL.

STOPS: There will be about three bar stops where we can inform more people about WNBR. So bring cash and something to wear around your loins.

NON-COMPETE CLAUSE: For the love of all that is good, if you can possibly avoid it, PLEASE do not create any competing events on the night of 11 June. The more solidarity we have for this ride, the more awesome it will be. And yes, we hope to have a "victory lap" on either 18 or 25 June.

AGE REQUIREMENT: All participants must be 18 years & up, please, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

ROUTE: To Be Determined, as usual.


More information about World Naked Bike Ride:
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By: WNBR Houston

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