After the Last War

Art, Photography
After the Last War
© Aviv Itzhaky

A dynamic photographic journey of the late 20th Century Jew and his communities

Born in Haifa and raising his family in Paris, Aviv Itzhaky depicted his two Jewish communities and their urban environments through beautiful and insightful photography. The talented artist became deeply acquainted with life in two Jewish cultures, watching them evolve through the 1970s and 1980s and expressing the shifting worlds in his work. His photographs simultaneously reflect his personal journey between communities, evoking senses of belonging or alienation and an exploration of personal identity. He portrays the Yom Kippur War era’s communal effects as well as its influence on him, immigrating to France and deepening his faith. His body of journalistic and street photography emphasizes the incidental quality of the moment while capturing urban landscapes, showing us what we haven’t seen, haven’t noticed, or perhaps turned a blind eye to and wished to forget.


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