Believe, The Day Will Come – Avi Yair

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Believe, The Day Will Come – Avi Yair
© Yaacov Harari

An examination of the borders that define us in the Middle East and as people.

For over thirty years, Avi Yair has drawn on characteristics of Middle Eastern scenery for symbolic material to describe his longing for 1948 - the golden age of Zionism. He yearns for a time of liberal thinking – a more moral and ethical time – that he believes has gone astray. Through etchings and objects, Yair’s exhibition examines the natural borders that have been created since that time, to blur the difference between the peoples and establish a vital sustainable border between them using images like cypresses, cacti, donkeys, and camels. An exquisite display that melds art with music installations to create more than an exhibition – Yair evokes a space, a feeling, a movement.

By: Jennifer Greenberg


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