Ibrahim Mahama: Fracture

Art, Contemporary art
Ibrahim Mahama
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A show stopping exhibit turns the White City brown at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

When in India, Bangladesh or their final destination in Ghana, Africa, these jute sacks are a drab everyday staple. Made up of coarse unappealing fibres, they commonly serve as vessels for transporting cocoa or coffee. However, once stripped from their utilitarian-nomad life cycle and transposed into another world, their artistic potential becomes boundless.

Ghana artist, Ibrahim Mahama, brings these branded, depleted sacks to the forefront in his installation titled 'Fracture', pasting them over buildings in various cities worldwide – from Accra to Venice to Michigan and now, Tel Aviv. He enables the woven sacks to reveal their rich history, while giving them a new – arguably better – life. 

By: Jennifer Greenberg


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