Local Testimony 2016

Art, Photography
Local Testimony 2016
© Ilan Ben Yehuda

The largest and most important exhibition of its kind is back with another annual display.

With such a politically, religiously, and socio-economically complex country, Israel is a photojournalist's dream. Local Testimony is the International and Israeli Photojournalism Exhibition to view. The exhibition runs from December through to the end of January and includes a selection of World Press Photo photojournalism as well as top local photojournalism. The project takes photographers from both Israel and abroad as they capture a sequence of events in selected photographs taken over the period of one year (2016). War, peace, politics, society, art, culture, nature, sports, portraits and multimedia presentations – thanks to curator Prof. Micha Kirshner, this year's range of creativity is mesmerizing.

By: Jennifer Greenberg


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