Oren Eliav: How to Disappear Completely

Art, Painting
Oren Eliav: How to Disappear Completely
© Elad Sarig

An Israeli painter’s depictions of an ancient Roman heroine investigate the relationship between image and painting

Young Israeli painter, Oren Eliav, works with an intricate mixed media process to create his fascinating and novel oil painting technique. For his new exhibition at the Israel Museum, Eliav has illustrated the story of Lucretia through a combination of digital reproduction and distortion of images with traditional oil painting. Relating to her relationship with Rome’s tyrannical ruler and her suicide, Eliav explores the story said to have led to the tyranny’s demise and the establishment of the first Roman Republic. In 20 large-scale paintings, visitors can take various routes and wander through a great multitude of different potential interpretations of this legendary story.


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