Rosenfeld Gallery

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Rosenfeld Gallery
Courtesy of Boaz Arad and Rosenfeld Gallery, Photo credit: Boaz Arad

Discover fresh talent at the prestigious Rosenfeld Gallery, a must-visit on the local gallery circuit.

Tel Aviv is home to some world renowned museums like The Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Eretz Israel Museum. They may have stolen the show in the past, however, for the past half century, Tel Aviv’s galleries have burst onto the art scene. Among these exhibition spaces is the Rosenfeld Gallery, a prominent space for local art in south Tel Aviv. Founded in 1952 by Eliezer Rosenfeld, the gallery gained prestige in the 70s with its impressive private selection. With a new focus on contemporary art, director Zaki Rosenfeld constantly keeps an eye out for new talent to promote in the community. The ever-changing exhibitions paired with fresh talent keeps visitors on their toes, making the Rosenfeld Gallery a shining star on the local gallery circuit.


Venue name: Rosenfeld Gallery
Address: 1 Shvil HaMif'al St
Tel Aviv

Opening hours: Tue-Thu 12:00-19:00, Fri 11:00-14:00, Sat 11:00-13:00, Mon by appointment
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