"Somehow, You're Mine"

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Time Out says

A photography exhibition joins the exotic labyrinth that is Sputnik.

Public art is nothing new for the street art capital of the Middle East. The White City walls are decorated from East to West, North to South, with inspiring pieces that connect Tel Aviv to its artists. And now, Ariel Pedatzur and Simon Merz are joining the multi-layered conversation with their own display of public art, only this time, it will contribute to another booming local scene: our nightlife. Ariel is currently studying at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and her boyfriend Simon is now finishing his Masters in Visual Communication in Hochschule Uni in Germany. The couple is presenting a photography exhibit this month at the Sputnik Gallery, a new art space in the yard of the Sputnik bar. "Somehow, You're Mine" is a unique experience seeking the beauty in daily absurdities:

People are in a crazy rush these days.
On our daily ways from A to B a lot of things in-between
often remain unseen and meaningless.
But if you slow down for a second, take a step back but
look close enough, you may find something bizarre worth your attention.
By documenting these daily, often absurd and beautiful non-events, you give them a certain meaning and aesthetic in your own reality.
They somehow become yours.


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