Total Red

Art, Photography
Total Red
© Elad SarigEmmanuil Evzerikhin, A remnant of a quiet past, Stalingrad, 1942
Total Red
© Elad SarigGeorgy Zelma - Moskva, 1937

An exhibition of leading Soviet photographers.

Total Red, curated by Raz Samira, is a journey through the tumultuous times leading to, and during, the establishment of the Soviet Union. From avant-garde art inspired by the end of Tsarist rule due to the Russian Revolution in 1917, when radical political awareness influenced artistic vision, to the effect of Stalin’s totalitarian dictatorship in the 1930’s, when photography was used for propaganda and political campaigning. The impact of these events is striking and the artists found themselves in a new world post-Revolution, documenting its foreignness through acute crops, unusual viewpoints, and abstract close ups.


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