“What Is Left” / Moshe Gershuni

Art, Sculpture
"What Is Left" / Moshe Gershuni
© Moshe Gershuni

A commemorative exhibition to honor the life and times of a courageous and prolific artist.

From biblical motifs to a wide spectrum of political and social topics, the artwork of Moshe Gershuni has made a long-standing impact on Israeli culture – one that has stretched well beyond his life. While Gershuni passed away last year, his diverse body of works – from earlier pop and post-minimalist pieces, to sculpture, painting, drawing, and even video projects – remains as relevant now as it was in the 60s. His three children: Uri, Aram, and Atar have set out to preserve their father’s memory through a commemorative exhibition at the Givon Gallery, which spans his entire body of work, and delves into a more intimate sphere (i.e. childhood memories, stories, and personal accords).

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