14 phrases you could say to a Tel Avivian today that would make no sense in 1909

Much has changed since Tel Aviv’s establishment 108 years ago...

By Time Out Israel Writers |

Although Tel Aviv has retained the liberal character and archetypal architecture from its 1909 establishment, over the century it has become less of a Jaffa suburb, and more of a vibrant and bustling metropolis. If the characters behind the White City’s most popular streets were to return today, they would surely be confused by the dog-crazy, weed-loving residents’ clothing, lifestyle, and vernacular. Here are some phrases you might overhear at any café or bar in the city today that would make no sense to one of the founding Tel Avivians:

In 1909, you would never have heard...

Kikar Dizengoff, 1938
© Israel's Archive

"Let’s go to happy hour on Dizengoff?"

Kikar Dizengoff, 1938, © Israel's Archive

Jaffa Port, 1963
© Israel's Archives

"Jaffa is so on-trend, I buy all of my second-hand clothes there."

Jaffa Port, 1963, © Israel's Archives

Tel Aviv, 1961
© Israel's Archive

"Meet me at Port Said–it’s across the street from the Great Synagogue, and don’t forget to bring a grinder."

Tel Aviv, 1961, © Israel's Archive

Tel Aviv ice cream shop, 1952
© Israel's Archives

"Did you know that the Anita’s in Neve Tzedek is serving doggie ice cream?"

Tel Aviv ice cream shop, 1952, © Israel's Archives

Tel Aviv gas station, 1939
© Israel's Archive

"A bartender in the Kerem gave me a hit from his spliff yesterday."

Tel Aviv gas station, 1939, © Israel's Archive

Nahalat Binyamin, 1939
© Israel's Archives

"Want to go to the animal rights parade in Kikar Rabin?"

Nahalat Binyamin, 1939, © Israel's Archives

Sarona, 1939
© Israel's Archives

"I have such a love-hate relationship with Sarona–I don’t have NIS 50 to spend on a new dessert pop-up, but I did it for the Insta."

Sarona, 1939, © Israel's Archives

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