Caesarea Amphitheatre

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Caesarea Amphitheatre
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Time Out says

From Gladiator fights to International spotlights - entertaining audiences for over 2000 years.

You’ve seen the major cities, you’ve tasted the food and partied the night away. But if you want to experience more of the real Israel, an hour’s bus ride up the coast from Tel Aviv will take you to a place where, just like Jerusalem, 2000 years of history collide. This Roman amphitheatre, situated in the capital of Roman Judea, was the main venue of entertainment under the rule of Herod the Great. Every five years, gladiator fights, sporting competitions and performances would all take place within its vast arena. Today however, the performances are a little more civilized, yet the breathtaking magnificence of the venue remains just the same. Indeed, stars from Israel and across the world have performed here, and if you’re lucky enough to visit Israel at the right time, you’ll be able to enjoy a concert made all the more breathtaking by the 2000-year-old center of entertainment that surrounds you.



Address: Caesarea

Opening hours: Apr-Sep: Sat-Thu 08:00-18:00, Fri 8:00-17:00; Oct-Mar Sat-Thu 08:00-16:00, Fri 08:00-15:00
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