Culture Shock: Start-up Nation's top local co-working spaces

Where are all these innovative seeds ruminating? We've got Tel Aviv's top local co-working spaces where game-changing ‘a-ha!’ moments are launched into reality

© Yael Engelhart

It comes as no surprise that making like-minded friends in your place of work is a productive way to manifest solid ideas while taking your business to the next level, and Tel Aviv is a breeding ground for co-working spaces. In the next few months,, a turn-key website dedicated to finding co-working spaces, will launch an English version of their site, enabling users to browse and decide where they want to sit and focus on winning work projects. From female-only spaces to spaces featuring in-house Hebrew lessons, and others with perks like gyms, pools and photography studios, it’s all fun and games at these stellar co-working locations – outfitted with the works for mingling with other professionals at the top of  their game.

Start-up Nation's most creative co-working spaces


The Lowdown: WeWork is a true powerhouse community showcasing its members through events with influencers and trendsetters, all while rocking Instagram updates that guarantee a serious case of FOMO. The Perks: People work here 24/7 and there are awesome networking events and locations with a ton of restaurants in the area. Why: The networking connections are unparalleled.



The Lowdown: South Tel Aviv’s Sosa is a global corporate hub focused on bringing together startups and global corporations. However, the real benefit is that you can actually make connections with investors and meet potential corporate partners. With their new office in NYC, you can also take your plans globally. The Perks: Fantastic connections with trendy and hip innovators everywhere, educational events almost daily, and delegations from other countries. Why: The eclectic, international vibe.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Nine Rooms

The Lowdown: Inspired by throw-back salons of the past where people would meet to discuss ideas, Nine Rooms is a gathering spot for women to connect. It’s an ultra-stylish mingling club just for women. The Perks: Located in the vicinity of the incredibly inspiring Jaffa Flea Market, you’re surrounded by vintage style cafés: great for getting your creative juices flowing. Salad, quiches, and other snacks are available at all times, along with a spa, enabling you to mani-pedi anytime your brain (and body) need a bit of a pick-me-up. Most of all, it’s a great gathering spot for women. Why: Nine Rooms’ enthusiasts will tell you that they refuse to go anywhere else—it’s like a country club for female business owners.

Shuk HaPishpeshim


The Lowdown: Ayeka will strike you with its modern design, attention to detail and the neighborhood-inspired mural by local artist Erez Tuviana. It’s a stunning space filled with art and design motifs, making it an inspiring spot for anyone needing a daily dose of inspiration. Featuring a pool, a gym, and spacious rooms, Ayeka is the perfect intersection between wellness and productivity.  The Perks: The rooms are outfitted with killer acoustics, so each room gets optimal privacy. There are personal phone booths so you can get cozy on your call. There is even a photo room for budding photographers decked out with photo and video equipment.  Why: Getting stuff done has never been this pleasurable.


Urban Place

The Lowdown: Urban Place is a duo of boutique spaces created by three French-Israelis. You’ll find classy urban chic wrapped up in a pop-up concept when you sign up for this space for just NIS 50 a day. The Perks: Enjoy a modern space and international vibe. Urban Space is located close to the stroll-worthy Neve Tzedek, and exudes a motivating and professional atmosphere. In the permanent spot, you’ll get the chance to meet with investors and VC’s at the monthly meet and greets. Gorgeous offices for business meetings are available, with a city and sea view.  Why: Commitment-phobes, drop those pyjama pants and get working for a measly NIS 50 a day.

White City


The Lowdown: Women-Led Ventures is a social, non-profit venture that is all about increasing the number of female-led entrepreneurships in the startup sector. WMN is also a co-working spot and women’s venture community (men are welcome, but one of the execs needs to be female) with endless workshops and community events. The Perks: Strong, motivated female leaders everywhere, workshops and endless connections and opportunities. Get inspired by all the success around you. Why: Founder Merav Oren, is one of the strongest connectors you’ll meet. She is always helping and motivating those around her; it’s worth it just to be in her presence.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa


The Lowdown: With two locations in Tel Aviv and one in Kiryat Atidim, this is a place offering a host of opportunities. People are constantly making connections here, partnering up and advising one another.  The Perks: Mingle over breakfast, munchie-happy hours featuring burgers and sushi, and the opportunity to hop from location to location to explore the different vibes. Why: Because you want to go to a place where everybody knows your name.

Sarona, Tel Aviv


The Lowdown: Mindspace is a coworking space with two locations in Tel Aviv, complemented by a further two in Germany. Check out the in-house Citizen Cafe OOlpan, a hip daily-life ulpan teaching modern Hebrew. They use WhatsApp, pop culture, and events to elevate your speaking skills, so you’ll be presenting your badass ideas like a local in no time. The Perks: Find private phone booths, a soda fountain, access to a gym, awesome spaces for parties, events, and mingling opportunities a-plenty. Why: Being in the center of Tel Aviv itself introduces endless networking opportunities. And the option to take a quick jaunt to Berlin with a place to set up shop is a huge plus.

White City