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Discover landmarks in Jewish history

If Jewish history from generation to generation runs through your veins, these landmarks are for you

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Israel's landmark establishments are rife with Jewish history dating back thousands upon thousands of years through to modern times. From stunning museums that are architectural gems in their own right, like the famous Yad Vashem holocaust museum, to actual excavations and archaeological digs, these centers and institutions bear witness to Israel's prolific Jewish history – a history so extensive and significant, you’ll have to see it to believe it. Check out these attractions, and if your kids get restless, take a break for some family-friendly activities and authentic Jerusalem eats in between sightseeing

Important landmarks in Jewish history


The Wailing Wall - The Kotel

No visit to Jerusalem is complete without a visit to the Kotel. Considered to be the holiest place for the Jewish faith, a short walk through the Old City of Jerusalem will lead you to this sacred site. Be sure to write a wish or personal note on a scrap of paper and slit it in the cracks of wall as visitors have for years. The Kotel is the pulsing center of the historically amazing Old City of Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem Old City

Yad Vashem - World Holocaust Remembrance Center

Yad Vashem’s 45-acre campus comprises indoor museums and outdoor monuments, exhibitions, memorial sites, gardens, sculptures, and world-class research and education centers – all devoted to preserving the memory of the Holocaust. The hollowed-out cavern with a single candle reflected by a series of mirrors commemorates the 1.5 million children killed.

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The Israel Museum

Arguably Israel’s most magnificent cultural asset, the Israel Museum is consistently ranked among the world’s leading art and archaeology museums. Housing encyclopedic collections with works dating from prehistory to the present day in archaeology, fine art, and Jewish art, this is the place to get schooled on Israel’s 5,000-year history.

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Neve Sha'anan

Beit Hatfutsot - The Museum of the Jewish People

Using murals, reconstructions, dioramas, audio-visual displays, documentary films, and interactive multimedia presentations, Beit Hatfutsot conveys to the world the fascinating narrative of the Jewish people and the essence of the Jewish culture, faith, purpose, and deed while presenting the contribution of world Jewry to humanity.

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa

The Jerusalem Archeological Park - Davidson Center

Dive into Jerusalem's fascinating past through a high-tech virtual reconstruction. Located in the Jerusalem Archaeological Park, this center offers an in-depth, three-dimensional reconstruction of the Temple, based on excavations and ancient writings. 

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Jerusalem Old City

The Supreme Court

Planned by the brother-sister architect duo Ram and Ada Carmi, the architecture relies heavily on the Bible and the precepts of Jewish thought. The result is a striking edifice that is a blend of open and closed spaces offering a unique glimpse into the legal challenges facing Israeli society.  

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Governmental Campus

Tower of David (Citadel)

Permanent exhibitions tell the story of Jerusalem through specialized cultural events, activities, and tours. During the spring months, the exhibition “The Kaiser is Coming!" is on display, featuring archival images and history of Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany in 1898.

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Jerusalem Old City

The Kotel Tunnels

The tour of the Kotel Tunnels unveils hidden sections of the Western Wall. Walking through underground passages, ancient water trenches, and streets from the Second Temple period. Stones were recently excavated revealing fascinating hidden passages. As a city that has literally been built layer by layer, traveling through these passageways unravels thousands of years of history.

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Jerusalem Old City

Eretz Israel Museum

Unique for a number of reasons, the Eretz Israel Museum is especially unusual because its grounds encompass the archeological site of Tel Qasile, dating back to the 12th century B.C.E. The museum houses impressive, permanent collections of coins, mosaics, and Jewish folkloric objects from various periods and regions.

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Located on the Hinnom Ridge overlooking Mount Zion and the walls of the Old City, the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem is a stunning property to visit to take in all of Jerusalem. Through multimedia exhibits, documentary exhibits, as well as touchscreen exhibits, the historical center is an impressive and entertaining attraction. Recently, archaeological discoveries have been excavated dating back to the First Temple period, making this property an even more unique experience.  

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Mishkanot Sha'ananim
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