Haas-Sherover-Goldman Promenades

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Haas-Sherover-Goldman Promenades
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Time Out says

A series of walkways known for their stunning beauty.

Popularly known in Hebrew as 'the Tayelet', this stunning scene is actually comprised of a series of walkways, primarily the Walter and Elise Haas Promenade, the Gabriel Sherover Promenade and the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Promenade. Here, you’ll quickly realize why Jerusalem is famous for its heavenly beauty. Just a few of the wondrous sights you can see from the observation points include Augusta Victoria Hospital, the Hebrew University of Mount Scopus, Mount Zion, the King David Hotel, the Tower of Jerusalem YMCA, the Mount of Olives, the Hurva Synagogue and – of course – the Dome of the Rock and Temple Mount. While the avid view-hunter may see this spot as their prize stop, the promenades are also perfect for romantic picnics and artistic inspiration. Indeed, both the selfie stick and the panoramic camera option will never have as much value as the moment you find yourself standing in 'the Tayalet'. Furthermore, if you’re only interested in walking a small portion of the way, Segway tours are an alternative way to experience the views, only at a slightly faster pace.



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Sun-Sat 24 hours
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