Holy Caves of Nazareth

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Holy Caves of Nazareth
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Crawl through the ancient getaway to the underground city.

The Holy Caves are at the center of ancient Nazareth, built over centuries by Jews and early Christians trying to escape Roman persecution. The caves are the gateway to the underground city, yet to be excavated. Enjoy a free guided tour in the portions of the caves that are accessible. Get transported back in time, seeing the place where Mary, Joseph, and Jesus lived. Guests are able to gaze upon what could possibly be the world’s first Christian alter. For those interested in history and religion, the Holy Caves of Nazareth won’t want to be missed.


Venue name: Holy Caves of Nazareth
Address: 6089 St 21

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10:00-16:00
Price: Free
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