Megillat Or Synagogue

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A synagogue that welcomes all, in the beautiful Caesarea.

Caesarea’s Megillat Or Synagogue is built as a spiral, like a curl, making it a unique architectural delight. The structure appears to be rising up, like a spring, inspired by the shape of a scroll and designed by the Knafo Klimor Architects office. The building celebrates the gradual shift from a weekday to Shabbat, with the outside space directly confined with the prayer hall. Services held here combine the Ashkenazi and Sephardic prayer styles, creating a fascinating result filled with song, in order to reach those not as familiar with prayer. The women’s gallery is located on the same floor as the men’s, so that women can feel apart of the service, rather than just observing it from above.


Venue name: Megillat Or Synagogue
Address: Neighborhood 13 in Caesarea

Price: NIS 200 for membership, all are welcome to pray
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