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Experience Israel from on high in a hot air balloon followed by a sumptuous breakfast.

Those looking for a unique and colorful way to start the day and get acquainted with Israel’s vast landscapes can hover over the country in a hot air balloon. Israeli company Rize is the largest hot air balloon company in the country, widely experienced with flights in Israel and around the world. Expeditions can be arranged for sunrise and within two hours of sunset, accommodating one to ten passengers. Help inflate the balloon with the pilot and crew, then get comfortable for a 90-minute adventure. Ballooners roam the skies at altitudes of up to 2000 ft, and follow the sunrise tour with a trip into the fields, orchards and wooded areas of the Jezreel Valley, where a homemade breakfast is the ultimate icing on the cake. Other options include “fiesta flights,” where the balloon remains tethered to the ground.


Kibutz Merhavia
Approximately NIS 900 (check with Rize for updated prices)
Opening hours:
Most months of the year, flights take place at dawn when a wind provides perfect conditions for take-off, flight and landing.
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