Somek Winery

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Somek Winery
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With deep roots winding through the land – Somek Winery is a family affair located in the picturesque village of Zichron Yaakov

Just a few steps away from the town of one of Israel’s most magnificent villages, Zichron Yaakov, and it's gorgeous promenade lined with quaint stores and cafes - lies Somek Winery. The variety of grapes born at Somek Estate Winery are handpicked every morning as early as possible, by friends and volunteers. Close proximity to the winery allows for the grapes to be processed immediately through old-fashioned barrel press moved by hand, not tubes. You won’t get more authentic than this.



Venue name: Somek Winery
Address: 16 Hertzl
Zichron Ya’akov

Opening hours: 24 Hours
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