Tel Megiddo

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Tel Megiddo
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This sprawling valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has long been important due to its strategic location connecting Egypt to Damascus.

Inhabited from 7,000 BCE until the fall of the First Temple in 586 BCE, Tel Megiddo marks an ancient battlefield that has seen a lot of action including a historic battle between the Egyptians and the Canaanites in 1,500 BCE, and another between Egypt and the Kingdom of Judah in 609 BCE. But Tel Megiddo is not known so much for its ancient battles as it is today - for its future battles. Earmarked by the Book of Revelations to be the spot in which the Messiah will defeat the Anti-Christ during the end of times battle of Armageddon, Tel Megiddo seems to have a grueling future of fire and brimstone ahead of it. But for now, it hosts a small, sleepy kibbutz and a fascinating museum and archaeological excavations that include a well-preserved water cistern from the time of Solomon.



Address: Megiddo National Park, Israel
Megiddo National Park

Price: Children- NIS 14 Adults- NIS 28
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 08:00-16:00; Fri 8:00-16:00; Sat 8:00-16:00
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