The Cave of Nicanor

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The Cave of Nicanor
© Tamar Hayardeni

Time Out says

In the heart of the internationally-respected Hebrew University Botanical Gardens lies a little known historical site.

Originally belonging to the wealthy Nicanor of Alexandria, who is mentioned in both the works of Roman Jewish historian Josephus and in the Talmud and is believed to have donated the gates of the Second Temple, a history-hungry adventurer can expect to find Byzantine pottery and evidence that this tucked-away site was first built in the middle of the first century CE. While the cave’s ossuaries have been cleared out, visitors are still free to enter and take a look around at this essential piece of biblical history.


Ha’universita Haivrit Blvd
Opening hours:
Hours: Sun-Thu 06:30-23:00, Fri 06:30-15:00
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