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Timna Park features zip-lining and rappelling in the magnificent outdoors of southern Israel.

Located just north of Eilat, Timna Park covers around 15,000 acres. At its center lies Mount Timna, approximately 1500 feet above sea level. The site has a range of attractions, including ancient rock formations like The Mushroom, The Arches, Solomon’s Pillars, The Valley of Rock Drawings, and offers activities like rappelling, zip-line, and bike tours. For those who want a total desert experience, overnight camping is available.

The Timna Park visitor's center explains the importance of the park’s geological, historical, and archeologic sites, using advanced technological features. Sites display archaeological remains of ​​Solomon’s Pillars, the Arches, the Chariots, the famous Mushroom Rock, the Temple of Goddess Hathor, and the Hill of the Slaves, which offer visitors explanations of the area thousands of years ago, when it was home to the world's most ancient copper mines. 

For cyclists in particular, Timna Park is a dream. There are 70 km of stunning trails throughout the area. The trails are divided into several levels, from comfortable to family riding to extreme trails. Cyclists under the age of 12 require adult accompaniment.

These are the cycling options in detail:

  • Family Trail  - easy-medium difficulty (recommended from age 8).
    Duration 1–1.5 hours

    Ride from the parking lot near Timna Lake towards Solomon’s Pillars. Continue cycling around Slave Hill and return along the open terrain back towards the lake. 
  • Copper Singles for professional cyclists – medium difficulty level.
    Duration 1.5-2 hours

    Ride from the parking lot near Timna Lake towards Solomon’s Pillars then continue cycling towards the Mushroom. Circle it around from the west, then cycle towards the west in the direction of the Sphynx and then back towards the lake.

  • Mines Singles for professional cyclists – medium to difficult level.
    Duration 3-4 hours

    This trail was created by cyclists for cyclists, with unique trails that make it suitable for riders to trail behind each other. It winds along varied terrain and offers technical challenges. Ride north from the parking lot at the visitor's center until you reach the cliff line. Ride along the cliffs, passing by the Chariots and the Arches until you reach the top of Berech Ascent. Continue from this point towards the Sphinx until you reach the lake. Leave the lake to return towards the visitors center along the Singles track that passes by Solomon’s Pillars, until you reach the visitor's center.

FYI, Timna Park does not provide public transportation inside the park so it is highly recommended to arrive by private car. Mountain and electric bicycles can be rented at the visitor's center or at the lake. Keep in mind, the bicycles available for rent are not professional bicycles and are only suitable for family, single riding.


Southern Israel
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NIS 49, NIS 39 child
Opening hours:
Every day, 8:00-16:00. Admission and sunset tours (advanced reservation required online)
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