Tzfat Cemetery

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Tzfat Cemetery
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A final resting point for many important Rabbis and scholars.

The graves in the ancient Tzfat Cemetery can be traced as far back as the late BCE era. Buried here are many great scholars and Kabbalistic rabbis including Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair, Hosea the Prophet, Rabbi Isaac Luria, Rabbi Yosef Caro, Rabbi Moshe Alsheich, Rabbi Shlomo Alkabetz, and more. Every year, tens of thousands of pilgrims visit the cemetery in order to pray and ask for divine intervention. The cemetery is located directly below the Old Jewish Quarter of Tzfat, approachable by two paths descending from the Old City. The Hekdesh Tzfat, under the authority of the Tzfat Rabbinical Council, cares for the cemetery and can help guests locate specific gravesites.



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