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Time Out says

The craft beer scene is booming, and "Lauter" is the new and exciting place to be, located in Tel Aviv's rejuvenated Givon Square

 Lauter takes quality craft beers to the next level, with a new and intriguing space brought to you by the team behind the well-known Porter and Sons restaurant and the newer Barufa Bar. It quickly became a beloved spot, especially for groups of friends who gather on long benches to eat and drink. Lauter, located right next to its metaphorical parents, is like the wine bar version for beer lovers.

This intimate venue, with around 50 seating spots, most of them outdoors on Givon Square, boasts 16 beer taps that feature Israeli and international craft beers, which rotate frequently. In addition to this, there are around 180 different bottled and canned beers you can pull from the fridge. The idea is to let guests explore a wide range of beer styles and experiences in an accessible way. Prices for beers by the glass (100 ml) from the taps typically range from 8 to 15 shekels.

"We strive to bring a variety of different styles from different regions so that everyone can find something they like," says Amir Noiman, one of the partners in the place. The selection and curation of different beers is entrusted to Sahar Shtreker, an experienced figure in the craft beer world with years of experience who takes into account the various possibilities and trends in the field in Israel and around the world. You can find brands like "Sierra Nevada," one of the world's acclaimed craft beer brands that recently arrived from the Western United States and was launched for the first time in Israel at Lauter, as well as other respected breweries like the British Thornbridge or the Danish Mikkeller. Among the Israeli craft beers, you can find Shapira Brewery, Herzl Brewery, and many more.

But wait, there's more: Lauter doesn't only cater to beer enthusiasts; they also pay homage to whiskey and local spirits. They collaborate with the local whiskey distillery, Milk and Honey, and have barrels in-house where they age four types of whiskey, which are poured directly into guest glasses. They also offer unique spirits from the northern Julius Distillery, which are also poured directly from stainless steel tanks. They carry special spirits that you likely won't find anywhere else, like pomegranate whiskey or blueberry gin. If all this piques your interest (and it should), Lauter offers tasting events for both whiskey and spirits, allowing you to try various new flavors and decide what you like best for your next visit.

Lauter is a self-service establishment, open every weekday from 16:00 onwards, Fridays from 11:00, and Saturdays from 18:00. The location in the beautiful and renovated Givon Square allows you to enjoy a variety of worlds, and that's something Lauter considered: while they offer snacks alongside the beers, they operate under the BYOF motto, which stands for "Bring Your Own Food." You can bring food from other businesses in the square or even bring homemade food to enjoy with the beers. They even have food delivery options, so all possibilities are open. You can take your beer glass from Lauter with you to enjoy at the nearby Shnitt.

"The opening of this place came as part of the understanding that the craft beer scene is growing," explains Noiman. "At Shnitt, we brew our own craft beer, but the variety of flavors is limited. Lauter is designed to offer a rich experience of beers from around the world, including all the current trends like sours, IPAs, and more. There will also be beer-related events like the launch of new beers and collaborations with different breweries, often featuring Tap Takeovers as is customary in the world. In these events, a specific brewery takes over some of the taps, allowing them to pour other beers they produce," Noiman explains.

Besides all this, Lauter also operates as a beer shop. You can purchase all the beers they offer at prices that match retail stores (usually lower than bar prices). They also have an online shop with all the brands available for home delivery anywhere in the country.

For information on events, promotions, and products, you can check out their website, Facebook page, or Instagram. And even if you know nothing about beer and want to explore, the staff at Lauter will be happy to help and tailor the experience to your tastes. With all of this in mind, it looks like we've found a new place to spend our summer. Cheers!

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5 Givon Square
Tel Aviv
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Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 16:00 until the last customer; Friday: 11:00 until the last customer; Saturday: 18:00 until the last customer.
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