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Time Out says

Leave Jerusalem inspired by the 1920s, not 70CE.

It’s a Thursday night, and you’ve suddenly become inspired to experience the F. Scott Fitzgerald-deemed ‘Jazz Age’ in the city of the Biblical Age. Impossible? Of course not. This is Jerusalem, of course there’s a bar for that. Sitting behind a black, unmarked door, this bar oozes ‘speakeasy’ before you even set foot in it. With wickedly-masterminded cocktails (including using light bulbs for glasses), you can see the bartenders pouring their heart, soul, and passion into crafting these wicked little delights for you. Tucked away, relatively far west of the shuk, creativity and style has almost never been done better in a city that prides itself on tradition.



Address: 18 Hillel St

Opening hours: Daily 18:00-03:00

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