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Just beyond the walls of the Old City, it’s time for Jerusalem’s young crowd to make some noise.

Bar? Recording Studio? Or center for the collaboration of every type of musical art that Jerusalem keeps hidden away from the tourist eye? You decide, because we sure have no idea. Alongside cheap beers, this venue is filled with live music almost every single night of the week. Its cave-like structure means that visitors are packed in tightly, and the acoustics are surprisingly mind-boggling, adding a deliriously-entertaining grungy and underground vibe to your night away from the shuk or Ben Yehuda.


Venue name: HaMazkeka
Address: 3 Shoshan St


Opening hours: Mon-Sun 21:00-02:00, Thu 21:00-06:00, Fri-Sat 21:00-02:00
Static map showing venue location