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A place for poets, artists and journalists to mingle, the Tel Avivian way.

A cute underground hipster bar – with even cuter waitresses – Rokoko has great DJ-spun music and a friendly crowd. While some bars have a rotating tap, Rokoko takes it one step further with a rotating DJ. The bar is known for featuring a different mixmaster each night, sometimes even its own multitalented staff members. Located on Allenby Street, it is in close proximity to the Great Synagogue and a plethora of popular restaurants and shops. In typical hipster fashion, Rokoko is mysterious, lacking in promotion or advertisement. You’ll have to stop in to see for yourself, mingling with local Tel Avivians from the creative arts scene, to get a taste for this unique spot in the heart of the city.


Venue name: Rokoko
Address: 99 Allenby
Tel Aviv

Opening hours: Sun-Sat 20:30-05:00
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