Shapiro Brewery

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Shapiro Brewery
© Ronen Goldman

A Jerusalem microbrewery born out of the basement of the Shapiro family.

Created by Shapiro brothers Dani, Itzik, and Avi, Shapiro Beer remains a small operation, known for marketing with short, clever viral YouTube videos. Their beer is mostly available in Jerusalem pubs and local wine stores, although they have recently branched out to bars and shops in Tel Aviv. Shapiro Beer prefers to use straightforward ales, stouts, and seasonals, rather than using decoration and herbs such as orange peel or parsley. It’s a favorite among Jerusalemites, who are proud to have a beer of their own.


Venue name: Shapiro Brewery
Address: Beit Shemesh 99052

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 09:00-17:00
Static map showing venue location