10 relationship arguments you'll have at least once in Israel this summer

It's hot. You're bothered. The insatiable Middle Eastern heat has not only put a damper on your style, it has put a damper on your relationship as well. While these may not be relationship deal breakers, you're puppy love is bound to be interrupted by casual 'tiffs while braving Israel's long, drawn-out summer. Don't ditch your partner just yet. Buckle up, and take a deep breath because you're in it for the long haul. Just remember: what doesn't kill you, makes you (both?) stronger.
The Clammy Palm Predicament. There's nothing more romantic than walking hand-in-hand along the beach with the Mediterranean sunset as your backdrop, right? Wrong. Trying to hold onto your partner's sweaty, moist palm is more cringe-worthy than the word 'moist' itself. What did I do to deserve this?
The 'Bussing It' Battle. One of you has had enough of the broiling heat, the other refuses to spend NIS 5.90 on a five-minute bus ride. No one will win.
The Sunscreen Squabble. One is positive they won't burn, even if it's Eilat and the sun is ten times stronger. The other insists on a coat of spray, a thick layer of SPF-50, and 30 minutes of waiting for it to soak in before leaving the hotel room.
The Ice Cream Standoff. While one partner desperately wants Anitas gelato, the other just can't will themselves to cross the line of fire...aka screaming children + stick chocolaty fingers = a white T-shirt's worst enemy.
The Florentin Fight. One of you wants to hit the tourist-packed beaches, the other wants to stray as far away as possible from mainstream socialites.
The Food Trend Feud. One of you will want to give the long lineup for Rothschild Boulevard's newest food trend kiosk 10 more minutes. The other most definitely will not.

The Air Con-frontation. It's not that their place is messy. It's that you've weighed the pros and cons of sleeping over in an AC-less apartment, and crisp sheets trump sticking to each other like double-sided tape.

The Hermit Clash. You'll think you're dating someone adventurous, who likes to be out and about like you. Until the heat hits and you're literally ripping open the curtains at 1 p.m. because they don't want to leave their indoor abode, even with blinding light streaming in.

The Patio Stalemate. Neither of you will be able to decide whether to sit outside or inside while enjoying your hungover weekend brunch at peak temperature hours. Who needs shakshuka when you can fry an egg on the pavement?
The Leaving Israel Altercation. Moving out of the hottest place in the world – next to the sun – makes logical sense. But despite the mind-melting heat, Israel is awesome, down to the last grain of sweltering sand.
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