14 questions your parents will ask when they visit Israel from abroad

Written by
Jennifer Greenberg

That spit-fire round of ridiculous questions your parents will ask the minute they touch down on arid lands is inevitable. Why not get ahead of the game and pre-prepare your answers to these questions your mother and father will surely ask at some point during their visit to Israel.

1. Is this water drinkable?

2. Where's the rest of the apartment?

3. Do you keep any cleaning products? All I see here are these giant wipes.

4. How much should I tip?

5. Why don't they give us napkins?

6. What's with all the cats? And graffiti?

7. Why does everything taste like black licorice?

8. What's a freier?

9. Are there actual grocery stores too?

10. Where's the green line?

11. Why are they honking at me?

12. How come no one is lining up?

13. Do I need to cover my knees?

14. Is anything open on Shabbat?

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