A weird & wonderful living library comes to Musrara

By Jennifer Greenberg
When you step into a library, you leave all worries from the real world behind and enter a magical, stress-free palace: the incessant honking of traffic is replaced by the quiet whirrs of page-turning, the smells of sewage and melting garbage are replaced by the sweet leathery scent of old books, and the walls are stacked high to the sky with stories – of other people's lives, their deepest thoughts, and adventures both fictional and real.
On April 27th, in collaboration with the Hebrew University, a new type of library will come to life: the 'Bio-Library.' Inside the Bio-Library, everything magical about the institution's essence will be retained, only the books will be replaced by identities.
Bio library

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What does this entail?
Instead of borrowing a book, visitors will be allowed to borrow a human encounter – in other words, a personal conversation with individuals who have life experience and a unique perspective to share. The goal of the project is to hear, be heard ad break down the walls built by stereotypes through one-on-one conversations.
In addition to these intimate encounters, the school's space will harbor performances, musical recitals, video art projects, and more, as well as host a panel of leading academic scholars who specialize in the field of identity discourse.
Bio library

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"This unexpected meeting is a gift. You never know who you will meet and who will meet you."

Bio-Library takes place on April 27, 19:00-22:30. 9 HaAyin Chet St, Musrara, Jerusalem. (http://www.musrara.org/)

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