An under-the-radar multidisciplinary center for the arts brings Tel Aviv’s creative class to the forefront

Written by
Joy Bernard
This alternative arts and cultural hub has been accentuating the gritty and offbeat charm of the south Tel Aviv Shapira neighborhood for quite a while now, having opened its doors last October. But in fact, the center has 200 years of impressive history to boast of - the building it is located in once served as one of the 30 well houses that were built in the city back in the 19th century. 
At the time, it was mostly known as the ‘Sheikh Murad House,’ and after it was covered with red plaster it received the nickname it now officially goes by. Today, the Red House is an arts-based community center where exhibitions, theater shows, music concerts and art installations are prominently on display. It is also home to the Red Gallery, which showcases contemporary art exhibitions crafted by local and international artists. 

In addition, the center offers artists work spaces as well as an artist residency program which hosts foreign artists for two to three month periods at a time, propelling them in making their mark personally, while coinciding with connecting to the Israeli community on a more personal and communal level. 

From the very get-go to the present day, the Red House’s main agenda has been to spark a dialogue and connect different populations through art and a love of culture. Merging languages, cultural experiences and different backgrounds, its eclectic and tolerant ethos will surely rub off on any visitor stepping into the very red, and very inviting, space.
35 Yisrael Misalant St, Tel Aviv (

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