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ANNOUNCING: Batsheva Dance Company's 2017-2018 season, and you'll never guess who's coming to town...

ANNOUNCING: Batsheva Dance Company's 2017-2018 season, and you'll never guess who's coming to town...
© Yoav Alon
The 2017-2018 Batsheva season was just announced, revealing an impressive lineup of innovative performances–both returning and new–all under the guidance of choreographer Ohad Naharin. On the agenda: two works by choreographers brought in personally by Ohad Naharin, a new staging of Naharin's Hora, and of course, all of the Batsheva classics. Here's a summary of what's in store for the Batsheva Dance Company and Young Ensemble this year:
  • A new and exciting piece by choreographer and creator Marlene Monteiro Freitas for the upcoming Israel Festival to be premiered May 2018
  • Roy Assaf revisits his full-length work Boys & Girls for Batsheva – The Young Ensemble to be premiered March 2018

"Marlene is one of the most fascinating choreographers I've met in years. Her work is stirring and unique, and I'm thrilled that she has agreed to come and create for us. I also strongly believe in Roy Assaf as an original creator with intense personal expression, and we already know that cooperation between him and the Company's dancers enables him to be at his best."

-Ohad Narahin

  • A new staging of Hora created by Ohad Naharin in 2009, which plays with the zeniths and nadirs of expression, assigning an odd rhythm to the climaxes to demonstrate "the tension between elements" (Naharin)

© Gadi Dagon




  • A continuation of the hit performance Venezuela, which premiered this past May at the Suzanne Dellal Center before diving into international waters; plus performances of Last Work (2015), which will eventually go on tour to Japan, Poland, Belgium, and Switzerland
  • Batsheva – The Young Ensemble will also perform Naharin's Virus and Decadance, two Batsheva shows that they are quite familiar with, as well as family-friendly performances of Deca'le and Kamuyot, which they also plan to take on tour around schools in Israel within the framework of "Sal Tarbut" (The Israeli National School Cultural Program)


© Echad Gadi


  • Under Hillel Kogan's artistic direction, The "Batsheva Hosts" series will once again provide a platform for independent creators


For updates and a full list of this season's dancers, check out batsheva.co.il