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ATTENTION ALL MEAT LOVERS: M25, the Carmel Market's favorite meat restaurant, is expanding...

© Neri Ashkenazi

The Ramat Aviv branch of the beloved meat restaurant from the Carmel Market is already roasting meat on the grill.


This week, the M25 Ramat Aviv branch opened for business. The young branch of the beloved meat-dominant establishment in the Carmel market is located at 15 Brodetsky Street, and works as a self-service format, which means no waiters AND no waits.



© Anatolyi Michaello


The timing of the opening, the day after the opening of the academic year, is not coincidental: one of the target audiences of the restaurant is the Tel Aviv University's students population, and the dishes are tailored to satisfy their audience: small budget, big appetite. Prices will be more reasonable than at the Tel Aviv location.


The students will be able to decide between Arayes (NIS 45), a round kebab without a skewer, or a skewer with lamb (NIS 35-45 for a skewer), and the vegan students will be happy to find a pita dish with tahini, salads, tomato salad, chimichurri, onion and sumac, and more. The fun and simple alcoholic beverages will also dominate here, with arak, Campari, Fat Cat beer from Beer Bazaar, and Goldstar.


15 Brodetsky St, Ramat Aviv