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Belle & Sue went Seoul-searching for their winter 2017/18 collection

© Guy Nahum-Levy

It's getting harder and harder to deny global warming these days, especially when it's mid-November in Israel and the rain hasn't poured down yet. So when an environmentally aware fashion brand comes along, it's as refreshing as the crisp winter air it helps to preserve.  


© Guy Nahum Levy



Belle & Sue imports brands with a strong environmental and social agenda–items made from 100% organic cotton, PCW (POST CONSUMER WAIST), and recycled plastic bottles. Not only that, but fashion wise, they are a force to be reckoned with. Whether opting for huge textured knitwear combined with a pink bomber coat, a green kimono over a flannel dress, or gold plaid pants with a T-shirt and fur coat to match, Belle & Sue is having some fun this winter and playing a game of contrasts.



© Guy Nahum Levy



This season, they traveled to Seoul in search of young designers and brands who have not yet acquired an international name for themselves. On their trip, they found collections that were rich in textures and architectural forms with a focused color scheme: black with turquoise, burgundy, olive green, fuchsia, and gold.



© Guy Nahum Levy



Among the brands that make up the winter collection: Cheap Monday and 5Preview from Sweden, Basic Apparel from Denmark, young brands from Seoul, shoes by Jeffrey Campbell from the United States, as well as Harding lane hats, STATE backpacks, and more.


In the LightStyle section, they're honoring their search for emerging designers with a young and surprising Dutch brand for home decor - DOOING GOODS. Search your Seoul and choose to shop Belle & Sue this winter.



© Guy Nahum Levy



price range:

Shirts and T-shirts: NIS 99-299, Knitwear: NIS 299-429, Trousers: NIS 199-569, Jeans: NIS 299-429

Jackets and coats: NIS 389-1390, skirts and dresses: NIS 229-1190, shoes and accessories: NIS 89-499

Lifestyle and home design: NIS 69-890



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