Celebrate the craft of coffee-making at Sharing Table’s 4th Israel Barista Jam

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Jessica Halfin

Whether you're a hard-working barista or just plain coffee crazy, Haifa is getting ready to host Israel’s 4th official Barista Jam on August 31st at 19:00, and you are cordially invited.

The event will take place at Aroma Espresso Bar in the city's well-known German Colony–home to the Baha'i Gardens World Heritage site. What will happen there will be more than just latte art and trading stories of battle wounds.

The event is meant to bring people together to celebrate the art of making coffee, and is a part of event organizer Kaie Bird's greater goal to elevate the coffee-making culture in Israel.

barista jam

© Kaie Bird

"It's about getting people together to share in the love of their craft, but not only.  Once people become friendly with one another, they realize that the coffee-making world of cafés doesn't have to be a competitive mine-field.  It can be a community of people who share ideas, and passion, and push each other to get better at what they do," explains Bird.

Bird's organization "Sharing Tables" does just that, and more! They offer coffee education classes, and help rally Israeli baristas for more serious national and international coffee competitions.

This event is all about fun though.  While it costs a mere NIS 20 to compete as a barista in the Israel Barista Jam, coffee enthusiasts get in for free, and can enjoy cava and beer, along with the music spun by Haifa local DJ BK Beats. Best of all, the winner of the light-hearted competition goes home with NIS 600.

barista jam

© Kaie Bird

Although born out of a grassroots movement, the event is noticeably taking place at one of the country's largest coffee chains. "This is actually the perfect site for the jam to take place,” explains Bird.  “Since they are a larger company, they have a history of having their own coffee competitions, so they know the ropes. Plus, the location is simply beautiful, and a great place to have a party."

With a whole host of baristas waiting to show what they’ve got this year, the Barista Jam is bound to be one good time not to miss.

For more information about Sharing Tables visit their Facebook page.

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