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Five facts about Israel every Londoner should know

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We figured we'd give our British brethren some advice to adhere to upon arrival in the Holy Land: 
1. Rain, Rain, Go Away
The rumors are true. With beautiful weather year-round, Israel is the perfect escape from the dreadful UK weather. While London is “blessed” with four seasons in a day, Israel barely experiences four seasons in a year. So pack your swimming costumes and ditch the wellies.
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2. It isn’t personal

While British hospitality is a worldwide phenomenon, Israelis play by different rules. Don’t get thrown off with their tone or straightforward approach. We aren’t being rude, we’re just upfront.
3. Here’s a tip
Tipping is the most location-dependent custom when abroad. While the British bill often includes a service charge, a 10-15 percent tip on all food and drink is not only customary in Israel, it’s unofficially required. Tipping your taxi driver, however, is not.
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4. I’m filthy rich!

The currency exchange from British pounds to New Israeli Shekels is 1 £ = 4.72 NIS. Though you’ll feel like you’ve quadrupled your earnings, beware! Money in non-stop cities like Tel Aviv tends to disappear in the blink of an eye.
5. Do I need a visa?
Fun fact: as a tourist, you do not need a visa to enter the country. Visitors are granted leave to enter for a period of up to three months. Give it three days though of beautiful beaches, stunning attractions and an incredible cultural scene, and you’ll never want to leave the Holy Land.