Fly Beyond Tel Aviv with artist Chen Ziv


There are many talented creators in this world, but finding the ones who continue to challenge themselves every morning is rare. The Fly Beyond project by French prestigious vodka Grey Goose spots the greats.

Meet Chen Ziv, Artist  

Age: 43, Status: statusless, always in love


Chen Ziv is a sculptor, a free spirit and nature lover. As an active member of the Midburn community (the Israeli version of Burning Man), she thinks of creation as a holistic and central way of life. In her past, she was an artistic director in advertising firms until she decided to leave that world for the world of art and creation.



What inspired you to pursue your dream and turn it into a reality?

When I started sculpting, it was for myself. I had a wound to heal and fire to release. After that, I wanted more people to experience the process that saved me.

When was your big break?

The moment I fell in love with myself again at the age of 40 and started to express myself without fear and without being ashamed to create. It was then and there that I began to burn with passion, sculpting my soul openly.



Which event influenced your work the most?

Midburn 2014, a life changing event. I met myself in the middle of the desert and it turned out, I really missed that woman. Since then, I have started sculpting my life truthfully.

How does Tel Aviv affect your creation?

I create inside an urban den in the south of the city. It’s a hideaway inside all of the commotion, and I love that mess.

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Grey Goose is celebrating the innovative and groundbreaking spirit of exceptional creators from around the world – just like it did in its own field. And all of this is taking place in Tel Aviv.

Why here? Well, the fact that the city has proven itself as a young and hyper-dynamic center of culture, nightlife, fashion and other characteristics of a lively metropolis, was acknowledged by Grey Goose. As an original and top quality brand, there wasn’t a more accurate location for them to start this unique journey than the White City. After reviewing Tel Aviv’s cultural scene, Grey Goose has chosen five brilliant creators suitable to lead the Fly Beyond project in Tel Aviv. 

Photos by Zohar Ron


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