Gaffigan is coming to Tel Aviv. Are you ready?

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Comedian Jim Gaffigan will be performing for the first time in Israel with his ‘Fully Dressed’ 2017 world tour. Who wouldn't want to listen to jokes about fattening food and a house full of Catholic children?

2016 will probably go down as one of the worst years the entertainment world has known, but on the flip side, it was an amazing year for those who make their careers out of frustration and depression - psychologists, drug dealers and, of course, comedians. Equipped with irony, sarcasm and lack of basic sensitivity, stand-up comedians have a way of making despair seem a little more comfortable.

The Golden Age of stand-up did not pass over Israel with the arrival of world renowned comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK and more. As a country that really needs a break now and then, it was only a matter of time until the delicious candy that is Gaffigan would pay us a visit.

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The Emmy Award-winning comedian, Grammy nominated actor, New York Times bestselling author and father of five is a different kind of talent. Gaffigan is a clean comedian, one that promises to make you feel really bad about yourself without completely destroying you.

His humour about fatherhood, food and daily life comes out in 'Mr. Universe' and 'Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed', which brought him two Emmy nominations, his two best-selling books: 'Dad is fat' (2013 #5 bestseller), 'Food: a Love Story' (2014 #3 best-seller list), his guest roles in numerous series and more. Only last December, Gaffigan made history when he entered the list of comedians to sell out Madison Square Garden. Is he going to bring the Tel Avivian house down too? 
Jun 30. The Culture Palace, Tel Aviv. NIS 164 on early sales ( / *9066)


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