Get your popcorn ready for these outdoor film screenings in Jaffa

By Sol Gruffy 1 (DO NOT USE)

In light of the successful screening of Whitney Houston's "Can I Be Me" at Gan HaPisga during DocAviv, Atarim company and the Old Jaffa Development Company have decided to hold a series of screenings of the most highly demanded films from the DocAviv Festival. The screenings will take place every Wednesday during June, and will allow visitors to enjoy a special experience in the open air and in a magical Jaffa atmosphere.

The film "Oasis: SuperSonic" will be screened on June 14, telling the story of the band that took over England in the 90s. The film will cover the Gallagher brothers' climb to the top and their glory days. The film will feature scenes from huge performances alongside home videos.

Next Wednesday, taking place on June 21, "Movie Time, Old Jaffa Time" will feature the film "Free Lunch Society" directed by Christian Todd, which examines the situation in which the government provides citizens with a monthly income that relieves them of economic anxiety and enables them to work only as they wish. The film presents the views of economists, philosophers, politicians, and social activists on the subject.

For the fourth and final screening on June 28, is the much anticipated movie "The Beatles: Eight Days a Week" by Director Ron Howard, who tells the story of the band members in a way that has not been told before. The film reveals recordings and personal interviews from the days when the Beatles hysteria was at its peak. John, Paul, Ringo and George tell how all the screaming crowds looked from their side and how hard (and addictive) it was to get used to it.

Every Wednesday in June, 20:30, Gan HaPisga, Jaffa. Admission is free.

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