I can get drinks & munchies delivered right to my beach chair!? I don't believe you!

By Lior Phillips

Temperatures are rising and humidity is enveloping the White City in its sweaty grasp – summer is a’coming. In such weather, there are only two sane places to be: in an apartment with the mazgan blasting, or on the sea shore.

Tel Avivians and tourists alike are flocking to the beach to lie alongside thousands of others, sardine-style, on the sand, basking in the sun’s rays. Aside from the sand-in-unwanted-areas issue, the beach presents one major problem: what do you eat?! The options are limited to schlepping snacks from home, which will inevitably become warm, mushy and altogether unappealing, or buying food from the, frankly poor, selection of kiosks and cafes around the tayelet — at prices that would cause Ben Gurion to roll over in his grave.


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MishloHof, or TapLaya as they are known internationally, are a location-based delivery service of beach-related goods. Via their app, beach-goers can pick from a selection of snacks, drinks, and beach products, which will be delivered within thirty minutes to their specific location. This ingenious solution means more fun in the sun, and ice cold drinks – sounds good to us. 


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Mishlohof is on the App store & Google Play. 

CLICK HERE to download the app (Andrroid and IOS)

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