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In character: Ivri Lider

Ivri Lider
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Ivri Lider: musician & composer


One of the biggest-selling contemporary musicians in Israeli music and a judge on the Israeli version of The X Factor, 42-year old Ivri Lider is a multi-tasking composer, singer and producer who has been rocking Israeli radio stations for almost two decades. His constant slew of innovative musical collaborations and evolving sound keep him at the top of the charts. 


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Who is your greatest musical inspiration?

That’s a very hard question to answer. I’ve been playing and writing such different styles of music over these past years and in each one I had artists that were huge inspirations on me. From Bach to Keith Jarrett to Brian Eno. My latest inspiration is the super talented Ofer Meiri, who I wrote and produced my new album with. 

Crazy moment from The X Factor

A show like The X Factor is full of funny, exciting moments. Every time there is a special character (like Benny from season 2) and it’s always interesting and fun. Of course, when you come across a huge talent, it’s very exciting because this is what it’s all about.

Ivri Lider pose

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What do you do when you’re not making music? 

Photography and sports. I am either taking or editing pictures or cycling, swimming or running because I do triathlons.

Working alone vs. music collaborations... 

All my life I have been a solo artist and at its core it can be a lonely place. Having said that, it’s great when you find another artist you can connect with and feel comfortable enough to create something together.