Israeli trainers you should follow on instagram

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Sharon Feiereisen

Everyone wants a flat stomach and a perky behind, but as you’ll see in the feeds below those don’t come easy (as they say, the dream is free but the hustle is sold separately). Here’s to having that elusive summer body year-round…and with these Israeli trainers to get behind, you might just get there.

Inna Waissenberg @fitoclock

Inna leads personal and group fitness classes outdoors as well as in her personal at-home gym. She’s a treasure trove for wellness information and also leads group nutrition sessions. 

Inna Waissenberg


Tomer Tenzer @tomertenzer_studio

If there’s one thing all the women who grace personal trainer Tomer Tenzer’s Instagram have in common it’s that they all look like supermodels (or in the case of Bar Refaeli, actually are). 

Tomer Tenzer

Liky Rozenberg @likys_port

If you don’t think working out can be fun, checkout personal trainer, group fitness instructor (and Bar Refaeli’s other go-to trainer) Liky Rozenberg’s social media page. Scroll and scroll and all you’ll see is inspiring smiles (and bodies).

Liky Rozenberg

Ira Dolfin @iradolfin

Personal trainer, group fitness instructor, model and the owner of Pink Room, Ira Dolfin has her hands full. Did we mention she’s also the mother of two? See inspiring client before and after snaps, workout demos and a look into her boutique fitness studio’s two locations.

Ira Dolphin
Ira Dolphin

Talia Sutra @talia_sutra

Even at four months pregnant, Talia Sutra can contort herself into a knot. One of Israeli’s most well-known yogis, she teaches workshops from Tel Aviv to Madrid to New York City.

Talia Sutra

Eliran Matzki @eliranmatzki

A personal trainer and handball player, Eliran regularly posts videos of workouts with his clients, healthy food shots, and inspirational quotes.

Eliran Matzki

Yael Ben Harosh @yaelpilates1

Yael is the founder of Yael Pilates. Aside from ogling her enviable body, you can checkout her feed for a long list of short workout inspiration videos – including both Pilates and floor/body-weight movement videos.

Yael Ben Harosh

Revital Alon @revitallallon

A Surf-set and SUP trainer, Revital also teaches indoor cycling and body-weight/strength training – meaning that if you have fitness ADD you’ll love her feed which boasts a solid mix of outdoor and indoor workout ideas.

Revital Alon

Udi Sahar @theurbanshaman

Udi is not only a yogi, but also a naturopath and a clinical herbalist, which translates into images of yoga poses alongside shots of healthy, plant-based dishes and lots of green juices and smoothie bowls.

Udi Sahar

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