It's raining 'Cats and Dogs' at the Israel Museum

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When was the last time you could pet a piece of art in a museum? Whether you prefer dogs over cats or vice versa, a new, experiential exhibition for the whole family at the Israel Museum will make visitors look at their beloved pets in a different light.

© Rona Yafman

Which is better? A dog or a cat? What does this mean about the animal and what does it mean about the person?

From the dawn of history to the present day, dogs and cats have been and remain the subject of endless arguments between animal lovers - debates like which animal is better, more faithful, and whether the two are at all able to coexist in harmony.

The Israel Museum seeks to provide a new perspective on the relationship between humans and pets and between pets themselves.

©Sarin Shani Chai

The new exhibition will present close to 100 diverse artworks from the fields of video, photography, painting, archeology. Some of the works invite people to touch them, some can be caressed and many can be played with, all of which invite a surprising experience for both kids and adults.

© Amir Shafat

In a section devoted to dogs, the visitor can reexamine the "egalitarian" relationship between man and his best friend. Alongside surprising works from ancient times, such as the remains of a joint burial for a woman and her dog, visitors can find works of art documenting stray dogs with no owners, alongside those admiring their humans.

© Hathear Maron

At the section dedicated to cats, some will move their tails and some will be dressed in human clothing. Part of the exhibition will be dedicated to web videos that have gotten millions of views. Through the various artworks, visitors will be able to see the complex, but fascinating, relationship between cats and humans who cannot tame them.

Exhibition opens May 9 @ The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


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