"Let's get digital, di-gi-tal" at Print Screen 2017 - Holon's International art and digital culture festival

By Sol Gruffy 1 (DO NOT USE)

The International Festival of Art and Digital Culture is just around the corner and boy have they got a lineup of amazing installations and events set up for you.

Print Screen is a four-day must-see multi-sensory experience, which combines art, biology, and technology at the Holon Cinematheque. The festival includes everything from films, installations, and performances, to interactive exhibitions, workshops, and panels. Here's a sneak peek at this year's digital offerings:

A premiere of nature films that use modern cinematic technologies to make ecological and zoological phenomena otherwise unavailable to viewers, accessible.

"Voyage of Time": from the acclaimed film by director Trance Malik comes an historic journey through the universe, from the birth of the stars to the depths of the oceans (accompanied by Kate Blanchett's voice).

"Hurricane, Odyssey of the Wind": a 3-D projection of the life story of a hurricane from its birth in Senegal, Africa, to its journey across 12 countries and eventual death in America.

"Frankenstein": a favorite play of the British National Theater, directed by Danny Boyle appears for the first time on the big screen.

"Arctic Heart": a dram-edy that raises questions about animal and human research.

"Planet Earth"- 2 episodes from the second season of BBC's flagship series, featuring stunning wildlife imagery, led by naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

June 21 - 24  @ the Mediatheque Holon. For the full program, visit the festival website.

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