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Let’s get it on: 6 areas about town to get frisky if you're into PDA

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In the last decade, Tel Aviv has secured its reputation as one of the world’s most attractive destinations for gay men. And while it has a lot to offer—on all fronts, from culinary to nightlife scenes, it also doesn’t take itself too seriously. So if you’re bi-curious, gay and/or single and ready to mingle—and you love some PDA – here are six areas about town that aren’t shy when it comes to getting frisky in public.


Gan Meir Park

Situated in the center of Tel Aviv, and home to the LGBTQ community center, this sprawling park has a lot to offer, especially in the hook up department. The park is big, and packed with cool gymnastics and sports equipment where men come to work out and look at one another…and then end up working out with one another. There’s a coffee shop where more men end up in the shop's bathroom than sitting at the table for coffee, and a fenced-in dog park where men walk their dogs…and then go behind the bushes to walk on each other. 


Sheinkin Street

Most people know Sheinkin as a hip street laden with boutiques and cafes, and, super-locally, as the film location for one of Israel’s most iconic gay movies: The Bubble. But it also happens to be a main cruising area for gay men, especially in the radius between Space Gym (the most populated gay gym in the city) and Orna & Ella (a restaurant that is known for hiring hot gay waiters). In that 100 meter radius, you can find men leaning against walls or sitting on benches looking at their gay apps or enjoying the runway show of gay men traipsing the street—‘til one of ‘em inevitably makes a move, and the rest is history.


Hilton Beach

This beach is great for swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and most importantly, mingling. If you are gay and want to show off that body you’ve worked seven days a week for, then Hilton Beach is your only destination. With tons of eye candy, H.B. is a hot spot for hooking up with locals or tourists. To your left you see men kissing, to your right you see men massaging one another, and lastly to your front, you see the beautiful sea and, of course, lots of guys getting freaky right there in the water. Yes, right in front of you.


HIlton Beach

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Independence Park

This park is the OG of them all. This is where gay men started cruising years ago, even before the birth of Grindr, Tinder, and all those other apps brimming with dick pics galore. This iconic park is always packed with men looking for sex, from sunrise to sunset, where the leafy trees and thick bushes are occupied by people doing the nasty. The rumor mill has it that the old fellas cruise around these parts a lot, so if you’re in the market for a daddy to have some fun with, this is the place to snag ‘em  and then some.


Yerushalayim Street

The Old City of Jaffa is known for its ancient buildings, delectable Mediterranean cuisine, mosques, and even an infamous gay hook-up spot right off of Yerushalayim Street, near the Theater Club. Those familiar with the area know that it’s a busy spot filled with neighborhood coffee shops, local bars, and, wait for it – hot men wandering about looking for one thing: sex! All this happens in a radius of 50 to 100 meters, nothing past or before that. Like the Old City of Jaffa, they do it the old-fashioned way: no apps, no phones, only eye contact and flirtatious conversations that start with, “You’re cute, what’s your name? Are you a top or bottom?” ‘Nuff said.


Y.L. Peretz Street

Lately, Y.L. Peretz Street has gotten a reputation for being the “gay street” of South Tel Aviv. Situated in an industrial area rife with run-down buildings, in a neighborhood that is considered sorta dangerous by night, the gays have made sure to conquer this part of town. In between the newly renovated buildings are little alleys where men wait for one another to hook up. Most of the new apartments on the street are rented by gays. Word on the street is that Y.L. Peretz is so hardcore that you see more cum stains than bird poop.